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Resilient  communication

Secure telecommunications technology and cyber solutions for satellites and ground stations.

of cyber-attacks


in last 24 hours

Space is increasingly targeted by cyber-criminals

For the first time in history, humankind has technology
to commercialize space in scale. We are going back to the Moon, preparing means to establish the first human colony on Mars
and way, way more.

Space is full of mysteries just waiting for us to be discovered.
While doing so, myriads of new business opportunities will emerge from seemingly dark and empty space.

Therefore, CORAC has ambition to design, build and deliver clever solutions helping humans to safely communicate and travel
on the most exciting journey of all.
Check our newest block post about how to improve CubeSat Space protocol to counter replay attacks:

What we do:


The CORAC delivers an end-to-end solution that is acting as a safeguard against data interception, spoofing and other malicious activities that has been targeting space infrastructure and ground-stations with high intensity.
End-to-end protection 

CORAC  end-to-end solutions that are acting as a safeguard against data interception, spoofing, and other malicious activities that have been targeting space asset data, as well as ground stations with high intensity.

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In-orbit SW updates protection

In-orbit software updates are critical for space missions as they ensure the spacecraft's  functionality. However, these updates can also pose a significant threat to the spacecraft's stability and security.

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Uplink command protection

In order to ensure the security and integrity of our system, it is imperative that all uplink commands are protected.

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Key lifecycle management

Key lifecycle management is the process of managing cryptographic keys during their entire lifecycle. Cryptographic keys are critical in ensuring secure communication and data protection. Key lifecycle management involves key generation, distribution, storage, usage, rotation, and destruction.

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Data encryption

Data encryption refers to the process of converting plain text into a coded message that can only be deciphered by authorized individuals. This process is essential in ensuring the confidentiality and security of sensitive data, such as personal information and financial data.

Let's make
your technology hacker-proof

CORAC's technology and know-how provides customers with legally compliant protection against malicious activities that intensively target space assets and ground stations.
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Cyber-risk analysis

Comprehensive analysis of cyber risks associated with a specific space mission, related components and processes. The output will be a list of cyber risks accompanied by recommendations for mitigation and a tailored cyber resilience development plan.

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Corac KeyMaster

Purpose built HW appliance including software licenses and maintenance packages for complete hacker proof protection of your system. 

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Corac CyberEPU

A space-qualified, hacker-proof encryption processing unit for the highest security of your communications.

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NIS2 Compliance

Analysis, services and delivery of SW & HW solutions covering major part  of NIS2 regulatory requirements

Don't wait
for the future,
let's create it...

We are pleased to propose a joint research project with your entity. The purpose leads to explore new opportunities in the field of space telecommunication, cybersecurity and Quantum technology. In order to achieve our goals, we believe that collaboration is essential.
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Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a type of communication method for exchanging encryption keys known only between shared parties based on quantum physics, and therefore guarantees unprecedented security

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In-orbit data center

An in-orbit data center is a revolutionary concept in the field of space technology. It involves launching a data center in space, which can be used for a multitude of purposes. The data center is equipped with high-speed communication systems that enable it to transmit data to Earth in real-time

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