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The purpose  leads to explore new opportunities in the field of space telecommunication, cybersecurity and Quantum technology. In order to achieve our goals, we believe that collaboration is essential.

Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a type of communication method for exchanging encryption keys known only between shared parties based on quantum physics, and therefore guarantees unprecedented security.

In addition to the obvious areas such as telecommunications, navigation, or civil security many others also depend on data from satellites
(e.g., agriculture, finance, entertainment). Last but not least, given the growing geopolitical tensions, secure communication is crucial for the safe functioning of the state, as evidenced by the situation in Ukraine.

CORAC Engineering, as a space technology company, wants to explore commercial viability of QKD solutions that might lead to the ability to secure communications in a way that is literally unbreakable by today's means.


The company could contribute to the development with SW/HW components for securing the mission itself (securing in-orbit SW updates, code signing, access management), but is looking for a partner to cover expertise in advanced photonics, optics, laser sources, HW miniaturization, and quantum physics.

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