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Resilient  communication

We are space technology company developing modular, scalable, and resilient telecommunication solutions for CubeSats

World-wide space business is expected to triple until 2040 

For the first time in history, humankind has technology to commercialize space in scale. We are going back to the Moon, preparing means to establish the first human colony on Mars and way, way more.

Space is full of mysteries just waiting for us to be discovered. While doing so, myriads of new business opportunities will emerge from seemingly dark and empty space.

Therefore, CORAC has ambition to design, build and deliver clever solutions helping humans to safely communicate and travel on the most exciting journey of all.

Supply chain risk mitigation

Modern satellites allows operators to perform SW updates while in-orbit. Such updates are a popular way how to inject malicious code and compromise the whole mission. CORAC provides end-to-end solution ensuring integrity of SW updates produced by your in-house development team or 3rd party contractors. 

Consortium partnership

CORAC is a telecommunication company that actively build space heritage and is open to form a consortium on innovative engineering space projects.

Access Management for CubeSats

With support of our partners, we develop the first MVP of modular, scalable, and resilient telecommunication solution providing resilient access for individual CubeSats and constellations.

Space communication

We believe that standardised, well documented, and compliant communication methods are the corner stone of sustainable space economy. Therefore we  study and implement CCSDS recommended space communication protocols commercial space missions.


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Space technology startup forming product hypotheses and the first MVP

Prague, Czech Republic, European Union

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