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Solution vendor as well as business partner to win tenders

Our solutions and engineering services

Secure access for CubeSats

Our off-the-shelf solution helps you to safe up to 50 000 EUR in development costs and significantly decrease risks related to cyber-attacks performed by malware as well as human hackers.  If you want to access your CubeSat securely, protect your data and your intellectual property, go with CORAC.

Engineering services for space industries and ESA projects

CORAC Engineering is located in Prague, Czech Republic and cooperate on tendering and delivering various ESA projects starting with feasibility studies and ending up with complex projects resulting in new assets and services in Earth's orbit. Our own capabilities and capabilities of our partners covers following areas:

- Cyber-security

- Data analytics

- Quantum cryptography (in cooperation with universities and research facilities)

If you are looking for the partner to your consortium, let us know and we would be happy to help.

We build cyber & space community

TheFirstFrontier Space 

We believe that together we do more. We understand that space is vast and no one has to be alone in pursuing space dreams. We started the world-wide community focused on cyber-security experts interested in making human journey through solar system safe and secure. Be part of something bigger than ourselves.

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