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Embedded Software Engineer

Prague, Czechia

Part-time, Full-time, Contract

Job Type:

About the Role

With CORAC you have a chance to learn a thing or two about space technologies, design unique software, and possibly see it run in space. For such activity we are looking for excellent team players, great engineering minds, and programmers able to overcome their ego and have only one thing in mind - to produce innovative, secure, and reliable space systems.


  • Person with an active approach to learning. You must be eager to learn new things and be practical in delivery of results.

  • Person with practical experience with at least one of the following programming languages - C/Python and development on embedded devices.

  • Extensive experience with at least one Linux distribution is a must. FreeRTOS or similar is a big plus.

  • Capability of hardening Linux OS is a big plus (knowledge of SELinux).

  • Experience with programming FPGA is a plus.

  • Experience with Git and team SW development is a must.

  • Knowledge of CCSDS, ECSS standards is a plus. 

  • Individuals possessing at least basic knowledge of satellite communication principles, EM field principles, antennas, satellite infrastructure is a plus.

  • Sci-fi lovers, sailing enthusiasts, future space explorers. Our company operates in space - this is the most exciting work there is. If you are interested in sailing, it is even better because every person in our team will get a chance to become a captain.

About the Company

CORAC Engineering is a space technology company. We participate on engineering projects in cooperation with space agencies as well as with private firms all over the world.

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