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Resilient space missions

Our solutions improve space communication protocols and make CubeSat missions resilient by design.

Do not let cyber-criminals to hijack your space mission

We secure satellites, communication channels, and ground stations. We follow internationally respected space and cyber-security standards such as CCSDS, NIST, OWASP, MITRE to benefit of customers in both government and private sectors.

Our mission is to design, build, and deliver clever solutions helping humans to safely communicate, operate innovative services, travel in space, and always return home.
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Number of satellites orbiting Earth


by today

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What we do:



We are a space telecommunication company and therefore our mission is to ensure resilient communication to satellites and people off this planet in increasingly unstable and hostile conditions.

CORAC's solutions enables satellite operators to on-board multiple payloads supplied by different customers and operate it in single multi-tenant satellite environment in secure manner. 

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In-orbit SW updates protection

In-orbit software updates are critical for space missions as they ensure the spacecraft's  functionality. However, these updates can also pose a significant threat to the spacecraft's stability and security.

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Secure communication

Our solution ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of uplink command channel as well as downlink channels used for downloading telemetry, Earth observation imagery and many more.

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Key lifecycle management

Key lifecycle management is the process of managing cryptographic keys during their lifecycle. Cryptographic keys are critical in ensuring secure communication and data protection. Key lifecycle management involves key generation, distribution, storage, usage, rotation, and destruction.

Let's make your mission resilient

Our solutions are based on two technological components. Both items works in tandem in order to serve our clients on the ground and in space.
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CCSDS compliance check

Complex analysis of the communication aspects of your mission in order to compare it with CCSDS recommendations and industry best-practises.

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Corac KeyMaster

HW server deployed at ground station, providing well-documented cryptographic services to your mission.

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Corac CyberEPU

A space-qualified, encryption processing unit serving as a space counter part to the CORAC KeyMaster.

Don't wait for the future,
let's create it...

We are pleased to propose a joint research project with your entity. The purpose leads to explore new opportunities in the field of space telecommunication and quantum technology. In order to achieve our goals, we believe that collaboration is essential.
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Post quantum cryptography

A quantum computer powerful enough is capable of brute-forcing data encrypted with current cryptographic methods. With the newest recommendations of NIST, we improve our capability to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of communications without the need for special HW. Join us in testing technology, drafting migration plans, and implementing first systems based on Post-quantum cryptography..

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Quantum entropy

Randomness is the cornerstone of most cryptographic methods. Simply put, the better randomness we have, the harder it is for potential adversaries to get to our data. We conduct a research related to various sources of randomness for certain space applications. Join our efforts and help us to make future encryption services quantum resistant.

Who trust our solution?

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Space technology startup forming product hypotheses and the first MVP


​Prague, Czech Republic, European Union

CORAC Engineering s. r. o.
VAT No.:  CZ14239337


+420 724 875 729


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