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Paid student internship

Prague, Czechia


Job Type:

About the Role

Your role will be supportive to our senior experts. Your reward will be a decent payment, experience, and possibly positive reference. Who are we looking for:

Students of technical universities (IT, cybernetics, cyber-security, telecommunication technologies, space technologies).


  • Person with an active approach to learning. You must be eager to learn something new and be practical in delivery of results.

  • Someone with practical experience with at least one of the following programming languages - C, Python, Javascript (vanilla JS and at least one framework). Experience with programming FPGA is a plus. Experience with socket programming is a big plus.

  • Person with practical experience with socket programming. Knowledge of CCSDS, ECSS standards is a plus.

  • Individuals possessing at least basic knowledge of satellite communication principles, EM field principles, antennas would be a plus.

  • Sci-fi lovers, sailing enthusiasts, future space explorers. Our company operates in space - this is the most exciting work there is. If you are interested in sailing, it is even better because every person in our team will get a chance to become a captain.

About the Company

CORAC Engineering is a space technology company. We participate on engineering projects in cooperation with space agencies as well as with private firms all over the world.

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