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Build resilient space missions

Use the CORAC Secure Satellite Operations solution to build more reliable, cyber-secure, and innovative satellites to improve human lives on Earth and in space. 

Launching satellites to space opens a world of new cyber-security challenges 

Satellite infrastructure ground-segment is the number one target for malicious hackers

New challenges requires new approaches

CORAC solutions are trusted by space agencies, governments, and private innovators. Our team follow industry best-practises and CCSDS recommendations in order to deliver secure-by-design solutions for sustainable space industry.

Easy integration

Advanced security

First class support

CORAC Secure Satellite Operations

Secure Space Operations
Without need to develop complex cyber-security processes from scratch, CORAC provides off-the-shelf components CORAC Encryption Processing Unit (EPU) and CORAC KeyMaster for ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of satellite operations.
1x tenant
Nx tenant
The solution is suitable for smaller single-tenant missions as well as larger missions hosting dozens of payloads belonging to multiple tenants with different sensitivity requirements. CORAC Secure Satellite Operations offers following use cases:


Protected TMTC channel

The solution protects uplink commands and downlink data against eavesdropping, unauthorised manipulation, and many other types of malicious techniques aiming on damaging your space mission.


SW update channel protection

End-to-end protection of SW update channel that makes your satellite reconfigurable while orbiting Earth. Prevent malicious insiders or external attackers to inject malicious code.


Secure multimedia downlink

Your satellite supports critical terrestrial processes. Therefore, confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of EO data must be established and maintained.

State-of-the-art products



The Encryption Processing Unit (EPU) is available as an installable software package that can be integrated to the OBC or any satellite payload. 
CORAC team cooperate with several flight hardware vendors on a self-sustainable satellite payload suitable for demanding space data-centres.
CORAC KeyMaster

CORAC KeyMaster

CORAC KeyMaster appliance is a cryptographic API offering dozens of services simplifying implementation of complex cyber-security processes for your ground and space segment.
Automation and orchestration is the right way how to design efficient and secure space services.

Get ready for NIS2 regulation

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NIS2 directive for space

Our cyber-risk analysis provides independent perspective on your space mission, processes and technology. Based on ISO 27 005 standard, CORAC team assess cyber-risks threatening to your mission.
As an output, structured and easy to read report is generated. The report contains quantified risks, risk treatments, improvement roadmap and many other useful information necessary to level up your game and keep hackers away. And of course, it helps to get compliant with NIS2 and not get fined.
The NIS2 directive represents the most extensive cybersecurity directive introduced in Europe thus far. With heightened demands for risk management and incident reporting, hundreds of space companies will need to assess their cyber-risk posture. And CORAC team can help.

CORAC cyber-risk analysis is the right solution


companies affected by the NIS2 regulation

maximum fine for non-compliance

industrial sectors including space

NI2 audit

Who trust our solution?

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A space technology company developing secure communication solutions for space exploration and critical terrestrial infrastructure.


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