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Let's make your technology hacker-proof

CORAC's technology and know-how provides customers with legally compliant protection against malicious activities that intensively target space assets and ground stations.


Cyber-risk analysis of space assets

As the space industry evolves, it is becoming more attractive to cyber-criminals and state-sponsored hacking groups that are stealing sensitive data and disrupting satellite operated services. The CORAC team offers a holistic cyber-risk analysis of entire space missions, ground-stations and satellites.
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Our service will help you to improve the cyber-resilience of your business, improve your position when facing audits, and improve your chances while attracting new clients and submitting new projects .

We offer well defined, professional service that become an integral part of every successful space mission, no matter if you are an early stage startup or already an established space business. Dealing with external threats in today's world is essential. It is never too late to get 3rd party, independent cyber-resilience analysis as a proof that your company takes protection of clients data and availability of provided services seriously. As a result, your company receives a report containing a prioritized list of identified risks and advice on how to mitigate them.


An expected output:

  • Prioritized list of cyber-risks, mitigation recommendations

  • Tailored cyber-resilience development roadmap.


  • We follow industry best-pracises such as NIST, OWASP, SANS, ISO, CCSDS

Necessary assistance from a client side:

  • 2x 3 hours of consultations (technical and managerial roles), 1x 1 hour of feedback discussion.


CORAC KeyMaster


In-orbit SW updates protection


NIS2 compliance

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